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Over a decade of experience working for major publishers, brands and agencies both in Belgium and abroad.

Dedicated to bring you the best technological solutions, since 1998

Adhese was founded in 1998 by Sven Marievoet and Tim Sturtewagen. What started out as a small company building websites soon evolved into a team developing custom software for some of Belgium’s major publishers. This was the beginning of the Adhese Real-Time Decision and Fulfilment Engine, the core of our current technology stack.

What drives us

Innovation and optimisation. After almost twenty years in the industry we know what works - and what doesn’t. We’ve seen hypes come and go, we’ve witnessed numerous ‘next big things’ become another bubble. We don’t do one-hit wonders: we aim to find the best long-term strategy for each customer and develop technology that solves problems.

20 years of expertise

We’ve been around for quite some time (for centuries, in terms of the internet). And we’re proud to say our technology still holds its own. We’ve never taken anything for granted and we still don’t. We aim to improve ourselves and our techology on a daily basis. Our urge to innovate enabled us - and our customers - to always stay one step ahead of the market.

Innovation is our core talent

Want to hear a buzzword? ‘Disruption’. If you’re not disrupting your business, someone else will. Although we’re not fond of buzzwords or hypes, there is truth in this statement. If you’re not constantly improving, if you’re not tackling tomorrow’s challenges today, you’ll fall behind sooner or later. We haven’t fallen behind: we’ve taken the lead for almost twenty years through constant innovation.

Always ready for the future

Thinking about tomorrow's challenges is the only way to stay ahead. We’re not only doing this on a strategic level together with our customers, we’re always aiming to take our technology stack one step further. Want to stay ahead of the competition? Make sure you have the right tools and the right strategy to make your business future proof. Contact us now and discover how we can help you take the lead.

'Know - Control - Use'
Three words, easy to say, but difficult to achieve. We provide the means and knowledge and help our partners build and optimise their independent, cool strategies .

SvenManaging Partner at Adhese

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Think outside the box, follow your own strategy. The Adhese platform allows a customized approach to your yielding strategy. Offering full control and innovative server-side RTB integration.

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Get your message to the right audience, anywhere, anytime. Full control of all your media and communication, inside and outside your online network.

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