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Looking for custom-fit solutions aimed to support and optimise your strategy? Don't just do what everyone else is doing. Be different. Discover our expertise and technology today.

Online advertising is evolving at an ever increasing speed. It's hard to stay on top and in the know. Technological trends and hypes come and go making it hard to keep a clear overview. That's why more and more publishers are counting on the Adhese platform to manage and optimise their ad inventory. Thanks to our experience, insights and technological knowledge they are able to maintain the lead in a continuously changing market.

Our customers don't choose off-the-shelf-solutions for a reason: the Adhese platform offers a best-of-breed solution that follows their strategy. Through strategic meetings, dedicated support and in-depth training the Adhese team makes sure every publisher gets the most out of his data and ad inventory.

The Adhese Ad server itself has all features needed for a versatile market approach on all platforms, providing holistic yield solutions that go way beyond mere bannering.

And with Adhese Gateway we ensure the best server-side connections to the best external yield providers, maximising your revenue while keeping your data safe. Also check our unique video SSP connections!

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Adhese: an independent ad server for publishers

Adhese Gateway: an innovative alternative to header bidding

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